Entrepreneur/Farmer/Propagation Specialist/Security
Shawn Sizer started his career by serving with the United States Marine Corp, stationed primarily at Marine Barracks 8th and I, Presidential Honor Guard with coveted Yankee White Security Clearance in Washington DC from 1992 to 1996. In addition, Mr. Sizer was assigned to the Gulf 2nd Marines Battalion for a brief stint and was deployed in the Mediterranean region before being honorably discharged.

After serving his country, Mr. Sizer managed the “horticultural aspects” of 63 federal facilities over the course of 18 years for notable facilities, such as the White House Complex, Naval Observatory, J.J. Rowley Training Facility, at the headquarters of the DOJ, FBI, IRS, DOC, GSA, NIH, FTC, DOE, DHS, EPA, Department of Agriculture, Treasury Department, and Tax Court, along with BWI Airport. Mr. Sizer cultivated countless relationships and oversaw annual budgets exceeding $6M. He managed dozens of staff and subcontractors spread throughout the DC Metropolitan area to ensure the beauty and safety of some of the most historic locations in the US.

In addition to his government contract obligations, Mr. Sizer has always had an entrepreneurial drive. Over the years, Mr. Sizer has started several businesses, from a small landscaping company, to a Maryland-certified and licensed plant nursery. As with many entrepreneurs, he failed a few times along the way; yet he learned something valuable each time. In 2013, Mr. Sizer resigned from his government contract duties and focused his energies on a sustainable farming operation, Blue Tomato Farms. His operation very quickly dominated the farm-to-table market in Anne Arundel and Prince George’s Counties in Maryland and became the second largest supplier in Washington, DC, selling sustainably grown vegetables to 525 business and families weekly.

Mr. Sizer applied for a Maryland Medical Cannabis License in 2014. He learned first-hand that security of the cannabis plant itself was a major problem for the cannabis industry. Mr. Sizer set out to find a solution to this worldwide problem and started 0321 Technologies, LLC. First, he tackled one aspect of the security issue: tracking. He and Thomas Woodfin accomplished this through the building of RAPTOR Security Software, which was self-funded and built from the ground up. In addition to being a support for VERITAS-ID, RAPTOR SS became a stand alone technology. Specifically, the application is a mobile and web-based platform that operates completely live, with movie-like streaming of video, audio, location data (including elevation and speed) and is transmitted in real-time from phones to a Mobile Command/Fusion Center. This all-in-one solution drastically reduces the response time for law enforcement to neutralize an active threat. It can save the lives of both children and adults when adopted in our schools. RAPTOR SS has the ability to integrate multi-sourced intelligence from local, state and federal agencies onto one platform to ensure effective and rapid deployment of resources by all agencies involved, eliminating redundancy, guesswork, and loss of time.

VERITAS-ID is poised to dominate the regulatory and enforcement (RAPTOR SS) aspect of the cannabis industry due to its unique ability to forensically identify individual cannabis plants or products. It effectively provides a biological chain of custody in real-time. By proving a point of origin on the spot, products move through the supply chain or distribution networks already in place with much greater ease and security. VERITAS-TAX-ID platform distinguishes between medical, recreational and black market cannabis, accurately imposing and enforcing the appropriate tax rate for each state or jurisdiction. The VERITAS-IP-ID platform enables cannabis/hemp plant breeders to secure their IP. Ensuring brand protection can increase consumer trust and can generate substantial revenues in the legal market. VERITAS- CBD- ID puts the power of a GC/MS into the hands of end consumers to ensure they are getting quality CBD products with real medicinal value and not “snake oil”. VERITAS- TCH-ID enables law enforcement to distinguish between, CBD/hemp -.3% TCH and TCH +.3% THC with a disposable field test and are designed to meet the requirements of the DOJ, CDC and FDA.