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Comprehensive Intelligence Solutions

Our patent pending and proprietary technologies provide comprehensive intelligence solutions across numerous industries, ensuring we are a trusted partner of many leading brand owners and governments. Unlike other companies, 0321 Technologies has the unique capability to deploy multiple solutions integrated across several platforms from within our own organizations.

Please Note: The brief overview of technologies and solutions listed on our web pages are neither comprehensive nor detailed so we may preserve our security and ensure the integrity of our technologies and client programs. As an intelligence solutions company, we will not publish sensitive information and appreciate your understanding of this issue.

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VERITAS ID Forensic Intelligence

Dr. Woodford is considered the authority and expert witness on controlled substances, including cannabis by the United States Justice Department.  As 0321 Technologies Chief Science Officer (CSO), Dr. Woodford brings 40+ years of forensic research experience not only to the patent pending VERITAS ID Forensic Intelligence Platform, but the legitimate cannabis industry.  He holds several patents, certifications and licenses in the area of Chemical Analysis of Controlled Substances.  With Dr. Woodford’s expertise, 0321 Technologies goal of providing a tool for federal government to legalize the cannabis industry by utilizing the VERITAS ID platform to distinguish between, State Licensed Medical and Recreational (tax purposes) and Illicit Cannabis with accurate and portable devices that are user friendly for Growers, Processors, Dispensaries, Law Enforcement and Consumers.  In addition, the parameters of the VERITAS ID system are admissible as evidence and recognized by the United States Department of Justice; thus, ensuring state licensed growers can defend their legal cannabis and hemp operations against unwarranted search and seizures.

Simply stated, VERITAS ID forensically identifies and distinguishes the difference between legal, illicit, medical and recreational cannabis at all stages of the plant’s life cycle; from clone to field to bud to final products, including extracts, pills and edibles.

Our proprietary and patent pending quantum technology platforms provide the industry with an impenetrable defense system by deploying easy to use portable scientific devices and delivering real-time mobile intelligence gather capabilities with our RAPTOR SECURITY SOFTWARE that benefits growers, processors, dispensaries, transporters, law/tax enforcement agencies and most importantly, the consumer.   learn more…

VERITAS XTR Extraction Intelligence

Based upon the core science of VERITAS ID,  VERITAS XTR forensically identifies and distinguishes the difference between legal, illicit, medical and recreational cannabis extracts, CBD oils and the like.

truID Breeding Rights Management | Cannabis Strain Intellectual Property Protection

truID provides empirical evidence of the strain’s chemical and genetic profile with integrated brand intelligence to enforce the rights Learn More…

WeSeeYou Mobile Security Network

Like all of the solutions in our family of Raptor technologies, WeSeeYou is a secure mobile and web platform that immediately improves situational awareness and intelligence sharing during emergency events that is both affordable and scalable for small operations that require basic services.

Raptor Security Software

Based upon the core technology of Raptor, RSS operates completely live, with real-time streaming of video, audio, mobility, live location data, augmented reality, unmanned aerial vehicle integration and Learn More…

NextGen DNA Mobile Genetic Analysis Platform

NextGen DNA is a mobile electronic analysis platform. The core technology is built around a nanopore that is able to analyze single molecule events, including biological molecules such as nucleic acids (DNA/RNA), or proteins

NextGen DNA Mobile Genetic Analysis Platform

NextGen DNA is a mobile electronic analysis platform. The core technology is built around a nanopore that is able to analyze single molecule events, including biological molecules such as nucleic acids (DNA/RNA), or proteins.

IRC: Intelligent Response Code

Why QR Codes Are Not Security: Phishing is the main security issue involved with QR codes as hackers and scammers can easily change the QR code indicia that is displayed on a printed item. Scammers can also print a fake QR label that looks exactly like the original label to create a counterfeit product. Innocent consumers will scan these fake QR codes, but they will be redirected to phishing websites. Most people judge a website by its look and feel, and phishing pages look exactly the same as the legitimate website.

Scammers also use malicious sites to distribute malware via drive by download attacks that forcefully downloads software onto a users device by scanning the fake QR code. These infected devices can join an existing botnet or can send SMS to premium numbers. It can also leak your private information.

Worst of all, scammers can make a legitimate QR labeled product seem like the “fake” by adding features that make the counterfeit product look like the “real deal” wreaking havoc for the legitimate brand owner by undermining confidence and creating doubt as to the legitimacy of the “real” product.

Recently, a malicious Russian QR code sent an SMS to premium numbers costing $5 USD per SMS netting millions of dollars from unsuspecting consumers.

Why Intelligent Response Codes Are Different:

Simply stated, counterfeiters can’t attack what they can’t see, copy or predict, making our IRC dynamic authentication symbology technology a moving target for counterfeiters, hackers and the like.

By embedding dynamic IRC data into a static QR label, tag or the like, our technology makes the label “smart” and no longer static, making it impossible to copy, counterfeit or spoof – all verifiable instantly via any mobile device.

Our patent pending method renders a printed number or QR code useless for authentication as our IRC technology overwrites the printed numbers or code with dynamic indica on-the-fly known only to authorized users when transmitted to their device.

IRC makes static indicia a thing of the past that also works with RFID systems.

ScatterField Covert Forensic Security Markers

Scatterfield is our tamper-evident, covert security label technology that can withstand exposure to all environmental conditions and features covert forensic markers embedded into the substrate. These unique markers are invisible to the human eye, cameras, scanners, etc. Only GenesisOne Mobile can read the covert markers as they are “keyed” to specific light properties creating invisible indicia known only to the authorized agent, adding another layer of field verification and anti-diversion technologies. ScatterField is legacy compliant and can be integrated with all tag and label systems.

SmartCode Dynamic Authentication Encryption

SmartCode is our patent pending dynamic technology that is integrated with our forensic security applications. SmartCode secures high-risk assets by providing triple-criterion authentication – all verifiable instantly via any mobile device.

Based upon proprietary mathematical algorithms, dynamic encryption and real-time sync, SmartCode is integrated directly with our forensic technologies delivering real-time authentication in seconds – accessible and verifiable by authorized agents, anywhere in the world, at anytime, using a mobile device. With the ability to deploy over four trillion SmartCodes at the unit-level, quadrillions of SmartCodes can be embedded into product lines making our solution a permanent barrier to diversion, counterfeiting and fraud.

  • Unpredictable Mathematical Algorithms
  • Proprietary Forensic Markers
  • Real-Time Dynamic Track and Trace
  • Embedded Encryption
  • Can Not Be Seen, Predicted nor Circumvented
  • Enforcement Evidence
  • Easy Integration with Current Methods (legacy compliant)
  • Heuristics Reporting With Threat Response Integration
iConnect Mobile Device Remote Control

During any emergency, commanders can remotely activate and control an operator’s mobile device if it stops transmitting or the operator is not responding. Within seconds, supervisors can see and hear live data from the scene, identify the agent’s location and situation and take decisive action. Real-time event data can also be shared with responding operators on their mobile devices.

SkyTrack Mobile Broadcast System

SkyTrack uploads mobile intelligence data in the background if data transmission is lost or interrupted automatically extending an event instance even if the remote mobile application has been terminated.

SkyTrack pings the mobile device checking its service status on a preset interval, restarts the connection, and uploads any logged data.  If necessary, the system will remotely restart the application to continue the alert’s full functionality and resume live broadcasting.

OnScene Critical Response Network

On-Scene provides outside responding agencies instant access to our mobile intelligence solution to establish an on-scene critical response network for agencies not yet integrated with Raptor, ensuring real-time communication and operational intelligence is shared between agencies, responders and incident commanders.

VERITAS2 Forensic Intelligence

VERITAS2 is based upon the core science and technologies of VERITAS ID.  VERITAS2 is a real-time analysis service that will revolutionize the way farm operations manage and protect their products. When combined with truID, VERITAS2 provides farm operations with a total authentication and brand enforcement solution to further secure their intellectual property rights.

Industry Solutions:

  • Floriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Arboriculture
  • Agriculture
ResponseOne First Responder Tactical Intelligence

ResponseOne utilizes our advanced location technology utilizing Wi-Fi devices, including smartphones, to locate all first responders within centimeters, hopping simultaneously between all 35 frequency bands in the 2.4 gigahertz to 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi range along with beacon and mapping technologies integrated  with SkyTrack for extended indoor and remote location applications.

During fire and related emergency events where identifying the exact location, elevation and mobility information of first responders is critical, ResponseOne eliminates confusion during the chaos, smoke and fire to help save lives of both the victims and first responders. Like Raptor,  given its live streaming media capabilities and advanced location technologies, ResponseOne is valuable in remote locations, during forest fires, inside compromised structures and during remote rescue operations in the mountains and on the water.

Dynamic Response RFID

Our mobile RFID hardware scanner and system is a fully functioning portable reader/writer that works with iOS, Android and Windows smart devices. Our system integrates seamlessly with both current and planned applications to maintain legacy compliance with optional SmartCode platform integration for added dynamic security. Fully integrated with our IRC core technology.

SmartID Recursive Security Technology

Utilizing our proprietary recursive platform, our network intelligence technology actively verifies and validates numerous factors to protect authentic products and authorized sellers from hackers stealing data and impersonating the authorized seller. The recursive nature of our process ensures that for each entity there is a unique identifier that establishes a “chain” of validation that confirms the issuing authority, the authorized seller’s unique information, and the data embedded in the application. Our SmartID API is fully integrated with most POS systems for dispensaries and the like.

iVerified Brand Intelligence System

iVerified is a secure, network-based system, that delivers consumers product related information, engagement experiences and client retention programs within retail environments using internet-based servers, networks and intelligence data to build and extend brands and product knowledge. Made for dispensaries.

SafeCampus Data-Led Policing

During an emergency or active threat, students and others on campus can broadcast real-time photos, video, audio and location data to campus security so officers can respond to a threat, fully aware of what is happening on-scene. SafeCampus immediately collects and shares data to ensure the evidentiary data is indisputable and preserved with automated time-stamping and geo-tagging.

Officers can also transmit live data from their own mobile device to Central Command and officers in the field for increased operational intelligence. SafeCampus extends the capabilities of campus law enforcement by integrating critical “crowd sourced” information directly from the community for a modern, tactical, data-led policing solution.

  • Live  Crowd Sourced Intelligence
  • Dynamic Evidence Collection and Preservation
  • Effective Data-Led Policing


SafeRide puts trusted contacts “live in the car” during every day rides and threat events to assist a loved one, contact law enforcement and track their every move while documenting the evidence. All information is geo-tagged and time-stamped for unparalleled accuracy as information is updated.

Overview of Features:

  • One-touch button or voice command to launch the safety app in seconds
  • Delayed alert timer option – set before you enter the vehicle
  • Automatically notify family, friends and other trusted contacts when a threat is present
  • Auto-launch when an impact is detected
  • Streams live audio, video, photos and GPS data to remote servers in real-time
  • Event data can not be retrieved nor destroyed by a threat
  • Ability to securely store vital information within the command center
  • GPS location updated every 5 seconds with real-time reporting
  • Determines speed and distance – detects if a person has left the vehicle, is on-foot,