The First CBD Analyzer SmartPhone App for Evaluating the FRESHNESS and MEDICINAL VALUE of CBD:

Dr. James Woodford, Chief Science Officer of 0321 Technologies’s, has 40+ years experience as an appointed by the courts as “defendant” expert witness for those who could not afford to hire one.  He has testified on the behalf of hundreds of individuals arrested for cannabis possession by Local, State and the Federal Government, including the Department of Defence.  He published a paper on the inaccuracies of the TLC Method of cannabis testing that was abandoned by the US government in the late 70’s partially due to this article, published, June 28, 1975 in the Journal of Chromatography.   Anticipating the need for an instantaneous CBD Freshness Analyzer, our team has spent more than one year developing our App that turns any of the 2.1 billion smartphones into a CBD profiling device. It is built as a standard for Global CBD Medicinal Studies following Scientific Guidelines and Methodologies. Consumers can utilize the encrypted database to verify the medicinal value and freshness of their CBD products, instead of waiting for a lab report. The app’s applied machine learning algorithm and analysis feedback software guides the App user in real time. VERITAS-CBD-ID’s accuracy and simplicity are great benefits to consumers, producers, retailers, researchers and medicinal professionals.

Our VERITAS-CBD-ID Bundled Testing Kit w/Phone App contains enough proprietary solution to perform 12 individual tests along with access to the App.  This offers a cost effective solution to spot check the Freshness of CBD and evaluates how relates to medicinal value. No mailing of CBD products or waiting weeks for the complex lab result. Our testing method is based latest scientific standards and methodologies.  It is fast and easy: Mixing equal parts of our proprietary solution and CBD product, then taking a photo for instant results for the CBD’s Freshness and Medicinal Value Rating (1 to 5 scale).  The App make all the observations, does calculations and thereby, reduces human error.  Download Android App.

Pre-Sale Pricing in effect until November 2nd, 2019.

With a suggested retail price of $59.99 for our 12 Count Test Kit with our Free App is extremely cost effective for the consumer.  This equates to only $5.00 for each test performed and costing 73% less than the nearest competition that used an antiquated TLC testing method.  VERITAS-CBD-ID empowers the end users building confidence and trust in the CBD Industry.  Quickly distinguishing between Fresh and High Medicinal Value CBD products versus those that are  stale or have little to no medicinal value.  VERITAS-CBD-ID is proving to be especially useful for many skeptical clients who are new to the CBD world.  Your sales team can offer VERITAS-CBD-ID as an ancillary product that drives consumer purchases toward your higher quality CBD products.  With the VERITAS-CBD-ID nonbiass, 3rd party testing, skeptical consumers end up purchasing your quality, higher profit margin CBD products.  When customers get the medicinal benefits of Fresh CBD, they become a customer for life and this builds a much larger repeat customer base.   Confidence, Quality and Transparency of the CBD products you offer will keep your customers returning each month, year after year.  VERITAS-CBD-ID will greatly benefit the CBD reseller as well, ensuring that your CBD oils, tinctures, salves and creams are of the highest quality and freshness when your recieve them from the supplier.  Time, oxygen, sunlight, high heat and improper transportation or storage can degrade CBD products rapidly. Sometimes the 1 to 3 month old lab reports are no longer valid when it comes to Freshness and Medicinal Value of sensitive CBD products.

VERITAS-CBD-ID is a Win-Win-Win for Consumers, Resellers and the CBD Industry.

We are offering Special Wholesale Introductory Pricing of our VERITAS-CBD-ID Testing Kits (12 Count) with our free SmartPhone App.  GUARANTEED  to be DELIVERED by February 23, 2021, the week before Black Friday, in the USA.  Only FULL CASE’s will be sent outside of the USA and shipping/customs fees will be charged accordingly.  Example: shipping to Sydney Australia is $106.00 per case and the most expensive to date.  All VERITAS-CBD-ID Testing Kits will include the VERITAS-CBD-ID App Service and is needed to perform the tests.  A full case has 144 VERITA-CBD-ID Testing Kits, each with a unique App Activation Code, valid globally.  Mini, quarter and half cases are also available.

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The combination of our field testing kit combined with our App will allow law enforcement to distinguish between hemp and CBD products and cannabis derived marijuana products (+.3% THC content) in under five minutes.  Our app analyzing process is based on recognized Forensic Laboratory Methodologies is designed to be performed in the field and not a lab.  VERITAS-THC-ID is in the final stages of development and proving to be fast, simple to use and extremely cost effective.  This latest testing kit will greatly benefit CBD producers/sellers, consumers and law enforcement.


Forensically, Track to the


The Cannabis Plant or Product Itself


RFID. QR Codes. Labels. Tags. These easily defeated “cannabis security systems” offer little to no defense against diversion, black market infiltration, product adulteration or the like – they merely authenticate the label, bottle, package or tag  not the cannabis itself.

In fact, the above antiquated practices were never developed to fight diversion, piracy and counterfeiting.  The same is true with 1D, 2D and 3D QR Code symbologies.  Accordingly, government officials and cannabis industry leaders have been searching for a stronger, more sophisticated technique to identify “proof of origin” and literally track and trace the cannabis PLANT OR PRODUCT itself.  VERITAS ID is a complementary solution to the existing state mandated “seed to sale” inventory systems already in place.

The Problem:

The success of basic holograms, serialized labels and RFID tags as an anti-diversion measure has degraded and failed over time due to low-cost reproductive equipment and unregulated mass-suppliers selling products available all over the world, the internet (Amazon) and even sold to the highest bidder (eBay).  In other words, most anyone can easily circumvent these static practices to defeat the “security.”

Deploying a global anti-diversion barcode or RFID system is impractical as these practices are “static” and easily spoofed, copied, counterfeited and diverted.

Again, no matter how flawed, the above systems merely “document” a serialized, often sequential number on the label or tag, NOT the cannabis itselfAccordingly, illicit or Cartel “weed” can easily infiltrate a supply chain and be “validated as legitimate” by these static and antiquated systems.

The Solution is VERITAS ID

Knowing the forensic identity of any product will revolutionize a brand and an entire industry. VERITAS ID is our cloud-based molecular nanotechnology system that scans the plant’s specific signature to forensically identify its source of origin and unique molecular profile utilizing a mobile device, delivering results in near real-time, in the field and in the lab.

The forensic profile can only be detected by our patented sensors capable of reading multiple  signatures within the same sample. This allows cannabis of different grades, taxation status (medical or recreational), or supply origin to each be identified with its own unique profile.

When deployed by authorized growers, processors and dispensaries, our live monitoring system forensically identifies the cannabis, its source of origin, and tracks and traces its movement during multiple stages along the route to the consumer, dynamically pinpointing the exact geolocation within the supply chain to prevent diversion, counterfeiting and fraud.

When growers, processors and  dispensaries are held accountable for the source of origin and authenticity of the cannabis products they produce and sell, the rate of diversion and fraud drops significantly and illegal traders can be identified and prosecuted.

Diversion Deterrence:

VERITAS ID is deployed at the start of cultivation or processing facility and is quickly verified at every point the cannabis plant or product is moved throughout the chain enroute to the consumer. VERITAS ID is equipped with RAPTOR SECURITY SOFTWARE, an intelligence gathering system that is automatically initiated when diversion, infiltration or fraud is detected, instantly capturing and streaming covert media data to the tactical command center.

The VERITAS ID system enables government officials and inspectors the ability to enforce state and local laws, not to mention collect appropriate tax revenues if the taxation rate is different for medical and recreational cannabis.  More importantly, legitimate cannabis professionals can mitigate the risk of internal theft, selling cannabis of unknown origins and exposing black market traders that can be identified, prosecuted and put out of business.

Black Market Prevention

By deploying VERITAS ID with law enforcement, state inspectors and border officials, authorities will have an effective means of validating the authenticity and integrity of any cannabis product, anywhere, anytime, reducing the prevalence of fraud, diversion and smuggling operations associated with the black market cannabis trade. Further, VERITAS ID will increase tax revenues for states and improve the overall financial health, credibility and well-being of the legalized cannabis industry by preventing black market cannabis from entering or leaving the supply chain.

Government Compliance and Revenues.

Local and state governments rely on taxed cannabis products as significant revenue sources. Criminal activities such as diversion, counterfeiting, and tax evasion steal this financial resource from the country and its citizens. When tax revenues are avoided or go uncollected, critical government programs go unfunded and health and public services suffer.  If a grower does not pay the required tax, with at push of a button, all of his existing product can be changed to “illegal”.

VERITAS ID also provides comprehensive tracking of legal funds, thus enabling the cannabis industry to utilize the banking industry.  In turn this will enable governments to accurately and efficiently collect taxes to fund programs and promote market opportunities for compliant manufacturers.

These programs can recover hundreds of millions of dollars in otherwise lost taxes across the medical and recreational cannabis industry by helping revenue agencies identify where illicit and counterfeit cannabis products are dominating  the marketplace. With this information revenue agencies can efficiently target their enforcement resources to stop the flow of the contraband and black market money. 

The Proposition is Simple:

1. If the VERITAS ID system does not detect the unique molecular profile of the cannabis in question, it’s illegal;

2. If the VERITAS ID system detects the unique molecular profile, but it fails the encrypted protocol, is out of the authorized jurisdiction, or otherwise fails the intelligence data associated with the specific profile, it fails and covert intelligence is gathered as RAPTOR SECURITY SOFTWARE is automatically activated.

Only VERITAS ID provides the cannabis industry with an impenetrable defense system based upon forensic intelligence. When combined with RAPTOR SECURITY SOFTWAREit becomes the most advanced and comprehensive security solution available in the industry today.